Saturday, 19 July 2008

Sugar Spice n' Everything nice!

So the past three-ish... (i loose track!!) have been chocca-bloody-block with girly-wirly tattoos, and to be honest, i've really enjoyed it! I dunno if its coz they leave me with a bit more freedom with colour, or design, or what, but its been a really fun few past days work. All the work was super varied too.... and i didnt take photos of everything, coz i've gotten to the point where i have so many photos....if anything is a little too similar to something i've already done, i just wont bother taking pics, coz i really want all my photos to be a nice mixture of a bunch of stuff.

I always find it funny when people come in and they're all like "oh you only do old school right?" when theres clearly crap buckets loads of other kinda stuff that i do just as well. anyways, thats not the point even.... i always say.....if someone bothers to ask, that my favorite style to tattoo (as far as my enjoyment goes, is old school, new skool, or a nice mix of both. now by no means in this god forsaken world, does that mean thats all i do! (would be nice though............. hmmmmm.......... quick daydream interlude, apologies!)

anyways, i'm on the ferry home, quickly trying to upload the pics so i can post them today, if not (i'm already halfway to my weird little stepford wives island already and still no luck)...i'll do it tomorrow at work.

I was gonna just do this post bout the girly tats i just done, but while i'm waiting for my pics..... i might as well mention the goliath of a humungousness dinosaur of a piece i just did in one sitting! its on a guy we know from here n there, and he booked in a few months ago. i had a vague idea of what he wanted, and it was a free hand job, but when he rocked up for his first tattoo (thats right, u r not mistaken, i said FIRST!) i had no idea it was gonna be a backpiece! so 5 or so hours later, i couldnt have been happier there was a beer with my name on it in the fridge. i'll post pics of that beauty tomorrow!

flowers cropped

phoenix leg cropped

swallow pinks n purples

hong kong

snowflake cropped

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