Wednesday, 25 June 2008

recent work

so i finally (sorry i've been lame with the uploads) got this beauty uploaded. i really like this piece, was fun to do too. will post a few more soon (i promise!) maybe even later tonight if i dont get swept away in the typhoon! i'n not sure if the photo is getting cut off by the music player, but i keep uploading it and checking, and re trying..... god i've never known anyone to struggle with computers as much as me! ok i'll give it one more shot, if it doesnt work, i'll have to use a teeny tiny pic.

here goes....

star crossed tattoo hong kong

ok so i had to go with the tiny weenie one, if ya click on should come up bigger.

Sunday, 22 June 2008

you wouldn't like me when i'm angry.

so today was meant to be fully booked with navy, and for some reason they got recalled to their boat, so i have nothing to do. obviously i have designs i could work on, but i'm too angry to draw. the tattoos i had booked in were the ones i was really looking forward to doing. lots of skulls, roses, guns, awesome stuff. tough guy tats. i'm so annoyed. not only would they have paid the rent, but they would have been really nice pieces for my portfolio. so seeing as i have nothing to post, heres the other canvas i painted for the exhibition. if you havent gone, you should!

canvas for the exhibition

i'm gonna post the sketch for the one tattoos i was gonna do today soon, and hopefully someone will get it!

Thursday, 19 June 2008


so heres one of the canvas's i painted.....photobucket still hates me so i only got one uploaded....


Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Skin and Inks

So the exhibition went well, lots of free booze and lots of press, but i'm pretty sure the press had left by the time it started getting messy! haha
If you havent been yet, be sure to go!
Was hoping to upload pics of my canvases today, but alas, photobucket aint in the mood. so tomorrow perhaps? oh, i got an awesome write up in Time out mag too, so go get a copy!

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The pics I promised

so it's 4:15 am... i'm watching quite possibly the most lamest cheeeeepest, did i mention lamest sitcom on TV ever made. I have absolutely no idea what kinda cretins would subject themselves to such attrocities.......except me. anyway, photobucket just got fancier, i cant be bothered to work out how or why, so here are the non cropped, non tagged, non anything pics from the last choise band dudes yesterday.



P.S, like I said in the last post....i'm so organized i managed to double book 2 tattoos today, and not put one in the appointment book, so managed to do 5 instead of 3. did i mention how much my back hurts by the way?????
oh and pp.s did i mention how retatrded i think people are who r on holiday and think they can just stroll ( yeah dee daa dee dah, i'm strolling.....)into a tattoo studio that is normally fully booked at leat 2 weeks in advance and throw a hissy fit when they cant get an appointment THAT SAME DAY?!!! wow....get a life.

Monday, 9 June 2008

punk rock mind block

So spent the entire day yesterday tattooing NON STOP! I was already busy with bookings, but managed to squeeze 3 of 4 of the "Last Choice" guys in for work too. (The last choice are a punk band from china who played in Hong Kong the night before. Really nice far as I can tell (they speak no english.)
Got to do some really cool pieces on them though, so although my back is still killing me, the additional kickass photos make it almost worthwhile!
Will post the pics up when i get them on the computer. There are a couple o' pics of recent work I should have posted, but for one reason or another.....havent gotten round to doing.

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Organised as (n)ever

So i only put one pic on the computer before we left the studio today, so for all the mathamatical genius' out there.....that means i have one pic to post. i will definately try and post a few more tomorrow....not thurs. tomorrow is my day off. thank sweet jesus.

So my back's still shot to s@#t but i got like, 7 or 8 designs done today, so next design lined up is some sqiggly lines down a back (dont ask, i dont even know) and a white tiger which should have been done ages ago, but just got backlogged. (sorry!)

Here's a really fun piece i've been looking forward to doing ever since the guy e mailed me months ago from the U.S of A.


OK, so the sky is the same colour as the cats belly, it's 5:35am, and i am off to bed.

Monday, 2 June 2008

completely crippled

so i've had a busy few days and its gotten to the point where my back is totally shot. i cant really do anything, i'm in total agony and i've taken the day off to try and rest. doesnt seem to be helping much, and i'll be back at the shop tomorrow but have moved all my bookings til thurs. i'll be there to do consultations, and i will hopefully get a bunch of designs finished off. so some ppl will be hearing from me. i'm workin on like......4 cover up's at the moment, so thats what i will be doing tomorrow. i did bring stuff home thinking "i'll draw at home" yeah........not gonna happen. i've literally been sitting here for hours trying to recuperate, and i'm still in agony.
on the bright side, i did some awesome tattoos recently, and i'll post up new pics tomorrow. i'm also workin on a geisha watercolour, so if all goes well, i might finish that tomorrow too.
so, until tomorrow....