Saturday, 19 October 2013

whats new

some new work for y'all. i have just returned from a 3 week trip to germany to guest spot at my mates studio in Bremen. i'll get to that in a later post, but for now, figured i'd better post some recent work. it's been a while, and instagram is to blame for the lack of updates. it's all IG's fault. yep.

this eggy lil' guy was done on the lovely Lorraine up in Glasgow on a recent guest spot at Forevermore.

this guy really likes pies... and good times.

this cover up was done on Bo Bruce from the voice. Weird thing, we went to school together when we were young. Small world.

this guy came in and had this chest piece as his FIRST tattoo. champ.

nice lil' yin yang inspired fishies.

playmobil pirate. playmobil retweeted this guy which was pretty cool :)

these r two of my favourite people. they got married, and got each other tattooed as lego. coz they fit so perfectly together.

super fun lolly on one of my favourite customers, Lizzie. she gets the coolest stuff.

sketched this little piggy out and before i even had a chance to line it, it was snapped up. 

gave this lady a massive makeover.

watercolour style cover up. fun to do.

covered a c section scar with this pretty blossom tattoo

this super scarey dinosaur was done on Shaz. she also gets kick ass tattoos. :)

this little shop of horrors/sailor jerry piece was on Layla. 

this piece was also done at Forevermore in Glasgow during my last visit.

my buddy mike came in and got some filler on his throat.

i met this girl at a pub. she likes jager and wanted something to commemorate that fact. haha

super happy cheshire cat on a foot. 

did this on my Beau in Glasgow.

Did this cheeky Tiki on Lou

skin head girl on my good friend Rory. Some freak at a skin head gig wanted to wank over his arm. :/

                                        Another one on Lizzie who got the heart lolly above.

Nice rose i did recently. been doing some more realism stuff and merging it with some new school. Enjoying playing about stylistically.

Space sleeve finished up recently on Yuji. Awesome chap who sat like a rock. ( a rock on earth, not flying through space.)

did this piece whilst i was guesting at Black Oaks tattoo in Bremen.

Another watercolour tattoo done on a lovely lass who travelled a pretty long way.

Right, that's it for now, i better get back to work.

Monday, 18 February 2013

brighton and back.

well, yesterday was spent at the annual brighton tattoo convention. i only took one photo at the whole convention.... so dont expect an interesting insightful review.

i did purchase a pickled puppy though. unfortunately he is still bubble wrapped, but i will be poting pics on instagram later on this evening i imagine.

anyways, i am just in between customers and thought i had better post some recent work.

did this angle poise lamp on my lovely boyfriend. not the greatest lighting for the photo (oh the irony) but seeing as i shall be seeing a lot more of him, i will get a healed shot. it's a constantines tribute tattoo.  it was also my valentines gift to him, as i am broke and can only offer tattoos and hugs.

finished off the space sleeve i was working on. had so much fun with this one. the customer was really easy going and very trusting, and just let me get on with it really.

did this piece on the lovely Jo. the hibiscus' were already there, but we totally reworked them and incorporated them into the bigger picture. 

finally got round to covering up my mates ex' name. 
(sorry it took so long to pin me down.)

this was a refreshing little walk in. this guy apparently invented tailoring as we know it. got really famous, had lots of sex and died at 20 something from gonorreah.

did this on russel. just finished it actually. super fun :)

another ex vanished. 

this is gonna be a forearm wrap around. we are doing a punk rock turtle on the other side :)

this was done a few days ago on a girl living in shanghai. fun piece, she sat like a champ for her first tattoo.

in other news, i have finalised my dates for my next glasgow guest spot. feel free to contact Forevermore in glasgow for details and to make appointments.
HERE'S A LINK with the guest spot dates....

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

new year, new tattoos.

I shant start this post apologising for how long it's been since i've posted. every other post seems to begin with an apology. actually, after googling apologies (my brain wanders to far away places.....) i found this, which i'm now gonna have to post.... coz it's just fucked up.

 i can only begin to imagine the abuse this child suffers. as an e card... i find this highly disturbing. or is that just me... and my brain wandering to far away places. maybe so. maybe no.

anyways, it's 2013. who woulda thunk it. 13 comes after 12. incredible.

i've been doing some nice fun pieces since my last post... gimme a sec while i drag some pics off instagram and facebook to share with you, the blogging community.

*hum a nice song to keep urself entertained whilst i do so....*

see how fast that time flew? 
felt like i wasn't even gone.

 finished this big ol' rib piece a few weeks ago.

did this super cute super fun my little pony tattoo. sh'e called "Rainbow Bright".
i'll give u 1 guess why.

did this dapper chappy on Kaye

Did this festive turkey on Phil who is the head chef HERE
 go there. eat.
he's good.

drew this gem up and posted it on instagram and twitter. Kaye snapped it up. She has impeccable taste. :p

 drew this up and posted it online for takers too. The next day it was indelibly inked onto Sashca

 Finished Kevo's clown sleeve. Apologies for the pixelation (i think i just made that word up. dont try it in scrabble. )
only pic i could find of them pasted as one was on my phone and it saved teeny weenie.

Lastly, this kick ass Deadpool i did the other day on Matt. 
He gave me free reign (whether he realised it or not)
we chucked a zombie t rex in the mix for good will.

(told you... my mind... it wanders... rambles sometimes.... as do i.)

til next time, be lucky!

oh, and feel free to find me on instagram and twitter :)

Friday, 16 November 2012

new work... new lifeforms

right, i cant believe how long it's been since my last post. seems my will to incessantly blog has been broken. doesnt help i've had some sorta lurgy. i've been coughing up new life forms and having crazy fever ridden dreams at night. not good.

anyways, have some time at work, so thought i'd at least make a token effort and post some recent work.

 as you can see, had some really nice pieces to work on of late. 

oh Scotty and I went down to Dartmouth to visit my mum. That was lovely. 

 we found a rad signpost...

I found the most gorgeous brooch too :) 

 carved a pumkin for the 1st time in my life this halloween too...
had some customised red blood cell cakes made for scotty's birthday... (he has hemophilia... i'm not a psychopath)

oh, and i tattooed louis from One Direction...


what else have i been up to? 





my life has been pretty rad of late.