Friday, 21 September 2012

what dreams are made of

So it has come to my attention i am appearing in random dreams all over the shop!
very bizarre. i got this message the other day on facebook...

and today i received this e mail...

pretty incredible.

In other news, i've had a pretty eventful week... went to a talk about preserving tattooed skin of criminals and binding books with said skin. lovely. i want one, they looked pretty damn nifty.

It was at The Last Tuesday Society, which always leaves me wanting everything they have for sale, wishing i had won the lottery, and briefly plotting a heist of sorts to find the funds to pay for all the awesome stuff, then i tend to talk myself out of said heist seeing s i have no guns and cannot drive, then i tend to think of accomplices i may be able to convince to perform an heist with me who may have guns and can drive, then i realise that this all seems like hard work and i tend to stop thinking.

it's hard work.

if that puppy aint heist worthy... i dunno what is.

the pub down the road had some questionable men folk inside, and an odd sign in the beer garden to boot. i think if they only allowed beggars, vagrants, itinerant musicians and females of doubtful reputation inside, the crowd would have improved tenfold.

anyways, other than that, i have just been working. 

here's a snippet of a backpiece i started this week...

and here's a what the tattoo form of a migraine looks like...

it's covering mastectomy scars and i'm really pleased with how this came out. Due to the placement there was a lot of free hand work involved, and getting it to look so symmetrical was anything but easy. Lucky for me she was lovely and sat like a champ. Always a bonus.

Kaye came back for some more pain too... a nice sailor jerry pun up...

fun piece... and fun gifts to boot! i"m actually wearing those socks today...

oh god, i almost forgot i tattoed a dot the other week and never blogged it. 

like seriously... a dot.


thats an award winning dot if ever there was one.

true story.

right, i'm off to this tonight...

Bob Wayne is supporting, should be good. For all o y'all who have nothing to do tonight, here are some trippy gnomes i found hiding in an art gallery with Scotty. Evil little ankle biters. smoke a joint and stare at this.. it should keep u busy...

til next time peeps.... look into their eyes... dont look around the eyes

Friday, 7 September 2012

abercrombie and fitch...abercrombie...zombie!

so, i've had a busy few weeks. been going to a shit heap of shows, been hanging with a shit heap of friends and doing a shit heap of work. shit heap. true story.

so i went to Me First & the Gimme Gimmes, Good Riddance, Dog Eat Dog, Jaya the cat, The Peacocks, Agnostic Front... shit heap. told ya. 

Also went to the video release of this... which was hilarious. They played it twice, seeing as getting a bunch of people sat down in rows and silent surely justifies more than a few minutes of entertainment. It was hilarious both times.... which means it's twice the hilarity of something just hilarious. Imagine. My mind is blown.

Also went to a talk by Eric Sprague aka The Lizardman. took a nice video, but it apparently wont upload to youtube until about two years after i die. Some such nonsense. 

Here's a pic... from the intermagoogle...

he was a really nice guy, and very green indeed.

In other news, we have a guest artist over from Lucky 7 in Oslo at the minute. 
His name is Jerry.
He has no hair and claims when his head is in the sunshine, it works as a "solar panel for a sex machine". I'm not sure i believe him, but i smiled and nodded anyway.

He did a pretty kickass thrasher monkey on my leg...

Solar panel or not, i like my new tattoo. Not my NEWEST... coz i had that done yesterday. Turns out a multitude of people have noticed how often i say "this is nonsense"... and have all said something along the lines of

"theres a tattoo in that for you"
"you need to get that tattooed"
"u should totally get that on u! that would be hilarious" (not as hilarious as wonk units video of course.)

so i did.

yeah... jerry got one too. That's fucking nonsense. he's known me but a week! 

I suppose i better post some tattoos that i have inflicted and not obtained...

here ya go...

Hanas feet. she sat like a rock... but softer. You know what i mean, it's a simile... don't take anything i say literally. That would be super confusing. Nonsense in fact. You couldn't tattoo a rock. Maybe with a jackhammer... but i don't handle heavy machinery... and i took an anti hystamine this morning. I doubt it would even be legal. 

this is on Kaye the Awesome. (seriously, thats her name.) Like Alexander the Great.
same thing.

why is she awesome? you ask... well, check out the cupcakes she got me...

pretty fucking awesome...

and this necklace...

pretty fucking awesome.... just sayin'. 

Last night Scotty and i went to this...

it's fucking incredible. I implore everyone to 'ave a butchers. you must. 

next week we r going to this...

Amazeballs. I'm sure y'all r now thinking "ooh, maybe i'll go"... it's sold out. 

you snooze u lose.

just sayin'