Monday, 18 February 2013

brighton and back.

well, yesterday was spent at the annual brighton tattoo convention. i only took one photo at the whole convention.... so dont expect an interesting insightful review.

i did purchase a pickled puppy though. unfortunately he is still bubble wrapped, but i will be poting pics on instagram later on this evening i imagine.

anyways, i am just in between customers and thought i had better post some recent work.

did this angle poise lamp on my lovely boyfriend. not the greatest lighting for the photo (oh the irony) but seeing as i shall be seeing a lot more of him, i will get a healed shot. it's a constantines tribute tattoo.  it was also my valentines gift to him, as i am broke and can only offer tattoos and hugs.

finished off the space sleeve i was working on. had so much fun with this one. the customer was really easy going and very trusting, and just let me get on with it really.

did this piece on the lovely Jo. the hibiscus' were already there, but we totally reworked them and incorporated them into the bigger picture. 

finally got round to covering up my mates ex' name. 
(sorry it took so long to pin me down.)

this was a refreshing little walk in. this guy apparently invented tailoring as we know it. got really famous, had lots of sex and died at 20 something from gonorreah.

did this on russel. just finished it actually. super fun :)

another ex vanished. 

this is gonna be a forearm wrap around. we are doing a punk rock turtle on the other side :)

this was done a few days ago on a girl living in shanghai. fun piece, she sat like a champ for her first tattoo.

in other news, i have finalised my dates for my next glasgow guest spot. feel free to contact Forevermore in glasgow for details and to make appointments.
HERE'S A LINK with the guest spot dates....