Tuesday, 8 January 2013

new year, new tattoos.

I shant start this post apologising for how long it's been since i've posted. every other post seems to begin with an apology. actually, after googling apologies (my brain wanders to far away places.....) i found this, which i'm now gonna have to post.... coz it's just fucked up.

 i can only begin to imagine the abuse this child suffers. as an e card... i find this highly disturbing. or is that just me... and my brain wandering to far away places. maybe so. maybe no.

anyways, it's 2013. who woulda thunk it. 13 comes after 12. incredible.

i've been doing some nice fun pieces since my last post... gimme a sec while i drag some pics off instagram and facebook to share with you, the blogging community.

*hum a nice song to keep urself entertained whilst i do so....*

see how fast that time flew? 
felt like i wasn't even gone.

 finished this big ol' rib piece a few weeks ago.

did this super cute super fun my little pony tattoo. sh'e called "Rainbow Bright".
i'll give u 1 guess why.

did this dapper chappy on Kaye

Did this festive turkey on Phil who is the head chef HERE
 go there. eat.
he's good.

drew this gem up and posted it on instagram and twitter. Kaye snapped it up. She has impeccable taste. :p

 drew this up and posted it online for takers too. The next day it was indelibly inked onto Sashca

 Finished Kevo's clown sleeve. Apologies for the pixelation (i think i just made that word up. dont try it in scrabble. )
only pic i could find of them pasted as one was on my phone and it saved teeny weenie.

Lastly, this kick ass Deadpool i did the other day on Matt. 
He gave me free reign (whether he realised it or not)
we chucked a zombie t rex in the mix for good will.

(told you... my mind... it wanders... rambles sometimes.... as do i.)

til next time, be lucky!

oh, and feel free to find me on instagram and twitter :)