Tuesday, 30 December 2008

second post as planned!

here is the other stuff i wanted to post up. i really like this piece.the client was sweet as a nut and gave me a fair amount of freedom with the designs which is never a bad thing!
anyways, i'm about to leave work, so happy new year everyone!


i've found out about some interesting upcoming projects today which i'm pretty excited about, one is a magazine job cant say what mag yet, and apparantly there's gonna be some mystery guest on the cover, i dunno yet....they dont tell me much, but it looks like i'll be doing a lot of designing for the feature, and may even get a whole page dedicated to Star Crossed!

here's my new dog by the way! (i'm not lying, he really is gonna be a rock star).

me n kepi

good tattoos. bad back

so i've had a fair few nice little pieces i've been working on recently. and i havent posted anything it what seems like a trillion days, but i've had a terrible back and had to take a few days off work to try to rest...hasnt done much good by the feel of it, but i got tomorrow and the next day off for new years too.
anyways, here's some recent work. i actually am gonna post 2 blogs today (if all goes to plan which most likely will not happen!)

cropped skull n roses

cropped heart with names

Saturday, 13 December 2008

battleship's blazing!

so here's a 4 hour job i did on a poor buggers elbow!
(tom, i owe u a drink after that!)

i really like this piece! was worried i'd lose thje stencil coz elbows suck fat stuff, but all went well, and the funny thing is, there was actually some stencil still on there by the time i'd finished!!! (the smoke comin' thru the clouds.)
anyways, enjoy!


i'm starting off a half sleeve tomorrow which i'm gonna draw in a min (i had a no show for my last app.) so now i don't gotta draw when i go home!

and yes, i know the pics don't fit on the page, but they do on my alive not dead page, so check out the pic's in all their glory here.......... www.alivenotdead.com/juliawilson

Thursday, 11 December 2008

sweet ass tattoos

here's 2 pieces i did recently. aint got time to blog coz i gotta close up shop, but enjoy the pics!



p.s i got a new dog this week and he's gonna grow up to be a rock star!

Saturday, 6 December 2008

skully mc skullerson

i never get sick of tattooing skulls! skulls rock.


sorry for the hairy pic, a little red and soft grey was touched up after healing.

sugar skull

here's a likkle itty bitty heart on a forearm, hearts aint too bad neither ya know! it's awesome i'm starting to get more work like this coming in now...keeps me smiling!

sacred heart

i've had a fair few nice little pieces come my way recently, which is never a bad thing. it's been nice having a second artist here to lighten some of the workload too. got some mammoth pieces getting booked in in january. 2 full sleeves on passers by who are convinced they'll be able to sit through day in day out sittings...... ouch....!