Monday, 17 August 2009

i'm still breathing!

just a super quick lame ass blog to appologize for my non-blog marathon. been insanely busy, and had no time to upload any pics, but rest assured, i will, all in due time....
just worked the norwich convention which was the busy as a shitty tattoo shop when navy come in town. got to do some super sweet pieces at haunted in london (i never wanted to leave that place :( and have more sweet stuff lined up for flaming 8 in a few days.) havent had a chance to draw anything for that spot yet, so next week will be manic.
p.s i miss thermofax machines!
til next time, take care y'all.

Monday, 3 August 2009

hopefully the weather won't follow me!

wow, so just about packed and ready to head off the the studio to pick up my very very heavy suitcase full of all my favorite things in the world, and the heavens decided to open up! my god it's raining so hard right now i think i'll be soacked thru before i make it to the airport. horrible! apparently its typhoon number 1 already. hope this doesn't escalate and get in the way of me flying!
i hate this last mnute ready to go portion of time. i'm constantly worried about forgetting stuff, my mind races, and all i can think about right now (other than a very SERIOUS last minute dilema that might ruin half my trip....wont go into details.....) is how much i'm gonna miss Milo. (and the other 3 dogs of course) but the big 2 pretty much take care of themselves, and Kepi is going to stay with our neighbor who is more than capable than looking after the little runt, and even tho Milo is going to stay with his old lil' bro, Buster, I'm just gonna miss him so much..... (rob i want constant updates! and photos if poss! and send me clippings of his fur...ok no too much right?!)
ok, i'm on my 3rd beer, and i figure i should stop, why waste alcohol i bought with hard earned cash when it's free on the plane right?!
ross has finally gotten outta the shower and is almost ready, so i better go. see you on the other side!

Saturday, 1 August 2009

Last minute mayhem!

“Procrastination avoids boredom; one never has the feeling that there is nothing important to do”

So today was my last day "working" and by working, i mean drawing pretty pictures onto people. I wasn't best pleased about my 6 o clock appointment to go and just not show all. I've been turning a lot of people away this last week coz i've been fully booked for a while, and then this! typical.

Anyways, moved my last guy forwards and managed to finish at a fairly reasonable time. Once again, i came to realize how NOTHING has been done in preparation for my trip! well, not nothing, but not enough! never enough! nada! Bah!

Anyways, i managed to get some of the pieces booked in in London (Haunted) sketched out, still got all the ones for Flamin 8 to draw still, as well as my ol' mate Pieman's piece, which is gonna be a beauty! Not too worried about his, wont take long to draw... just the way i like it! haha

Got some really cool pieces booked in! Getting super super excited! Got ..... (in no particular order.....) a mary rib piece (ouch!), a Russian Doll (always wanted to do one, and now i got the chance! :) ), sugar skull gypsy, a pilot like my print on a neck (ouch again!)... and more!

I'm getting more and more psyched to be going as time passes, and simultaneously more and more frantic about getting everything ready! Checked out who's gonna be playing London while I'm over and looks like we'll catch some awesome gigs (obviously aside from the 4 day festival we r going to!)

So in London we got.... Chris Murray (i love him, especially live when he makes
trumpet sounds and does his oh so good "bom bom bom bom's") it's all well and good he's playing with bands and stuff now, but i still think he's awesome solo.

Gonna go see Snuff (if we get tickets)...i cant remember the last time i saw them.

The Freeze, haven't ever seen them play but it's gonna be good!

And many many more!

I'm also getting really excited about going to spend summer in a country where you don't melt the minute u walk outta the door. Where your face stays above chin level, and where you can wear an outfit, not just throw on the closest piece o' crap coz it's gonna be drenched in sweat as soon as u go outside anyways. AND...... (drum roll.......) a country where the humidity doesn't gimme an Afro! (ok i have really curly hair, and it's hard to do at the best of times, but oh my god, my head is gonna thank me for not either wearing a bandanna or a hat every day! I can have finger curls, or a quiff, or nothing, and it's gonna stay in place! SO AWESOME! i went shopping for hair accessories just to celebrate! i didn't have time to go sham shui po'ing, so no glue gun hair clip action with awesome bit and bobs, but i still found some awesome ready made flowers, and bows, and other goodies!

My biggest dilemma, is trying to decide which sunglasses to take. I'm slightly obsessed with sunglasses, i have many many many many sunglasses. sunglasses are goooooood. (looking forward to wearing them in the sun, and not having them slide down my face too! BONUS!) here's a few i gotta choose from......

and here is my baby, much better, almost totally back to his normal self, just chillin' like a villain! i'm gonna miss him so so so much!

Now i'm gonna chill with Ross and watch Raising Arizona. May be a good film (i havent seen it yet....) but i still think there should be a law against Nicholas Cage being allowed to act. Especially recently.......
minus 10 points all round.