Thursday, 28 August 2008

spooky sea stuff

So yesterday i went swimming, in the sea, which is gross and i know pretty insane, but i was hot. anyways, so i'm swimming along, minding my own, when all of a sudden there's like, this gigantic splash RIGHT behind me. I spin around, and there's nobody even within 30 feet or so, so i switched into fight or flight mode, and of course, when u r dealing with the sea in HK i think its safe to say flight is always gonna be the smart option.....i swam faster than anyone in the olympics back to the beach.
I'm convinced there is a huge 23 tenticled 8 eyes boogey fish mutant in the sea where i live, but ppl keep assuring me there are huge jumping fish. hmmmmm....i'm still not so sure, this fish would have the be the size of a fat ass human baby and have jumped 6 foot in the air to have made that noise.

anyways, heres an ice cream i did (it is so teeny tiny weeny its like the size of two $1 coins!) something to cool u down on this scorcher of a day.

ice cream colour

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Oh my God!

Sorry about the title, I was toying with that or "Jesus Christ!" but then Buddha would feel all alone and depraved I'm sure.....
Anyways, 2 days, n 2 Gods. The Buddha was meant to have (and will in the future more stuff up around the shoulder blades, if ya look carefully u can kinda make out the design in sharpie..... but 5 hours was enough for the both of us, (you cant tell from the pic, but this wraps round onto his ribs too.....) so we called it a night.

Here ya go.....



Tomorrow, toy shopping and sleep. Recipe for an awesome day.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Buzz dip buzz dip buzz story of my life!

So today was pretty crazy busy. From the minute I arrived at work to just about now, was solid tattooing. First off was the second session on the bio mec sleeve, got 3 hours done, didn't quite finish all the black shading, still got some left in the inner arm, but alas, shit happens. second was the beginning of a full sock, got half the linework and black shading in on that.

Tomorrow, i've got a back piece in, seems like big is the way forward at the moment, and trust me, i'm not complaining! Tomorrow I gotta head to Central before work for a magazine interview, should be good. But seriously, i cant wait til wednesday so i can just sleep the day through!

Heres what i managed to get done on the sleeve earlier.....


Saturday, 16 August 2008

We're all dead on our feet by the time we meet.

So yesterday I tattooed a BMX'r from the U.S of A called Andrew Alvarez who was here doing demo's.
Nice little piece I squeezed in between 2 others, ended up right in the ditch, which sucks! I remember when i got my ditch tattooed, I woke up the next morning with the inside of my elbow completely stuck together. Took a bit of effort to prize it apart I tell ya! Anyways, here's the pic...


Doing a second session on the BioMec sleeve tomorrow, getting all the black shading in which will really pull it all together. For some reason, the past 2 weeks or so sem to have been declared "get a bio mec tattoo" week, coz in the 2 and a bit years we've been open here, i've had nobody ask for it, and now i got a sock, sleeve and maybe another sleeve lined up! Weird.

Anyways, just did the last piece of the day, so looks like I'll be able to get back in time to meet up with all my friends who will no doubt be drunk by the time i get back to my neck of the woods. Looks like I got some catching up to do......

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

I'm not quite finished, but he sure was! haha, sounds so wrong...

So did a good few hours on a rib piece today. Wont get to finish it off for a good few months, as he's leaving HK for a wee while, but thought I'd post it anyways....I took down the "work in progress" section on the website, coz it was building up, and i was getting sick of seeing work that it seems i'll never get to finish for one reason or another.

brennen ribs

I'm hoping, this will not be another one in the same predicament! Anyways, as expected, he did not enjoy the ribs (putting it lightly, but i'm pleased with the outcome, got enough done for it not to look like a totally unfinished piece.... even though it is! haha, i dunno, it makes sense to me.

Anyways, tomorrow, DAY OFF! but its not gonna feel like one, i got a lot of designs that need doing, and other plans, which may..... involve bowling, which is never a bad thing til the morning after. (could say the same about a lot of stuff, but good ol' bowling doesnt sound sick or twisted. i love bowling......anyway, off track and wasting my time and yours,if u r still reading.....)

OK i'm done!

Sunday, 10 August 2008

live fast die pretty awesome

So, here's one i did today. Been looking forward to doin' it for a while now, sketched it out last thing last night in a mad rush for todays appointment. what can i say......organisation is key!

woman face front

Friday, 8 August 2008

Monkey toys, "punk" bands & skaters

So this week has been absolutely insane! Firstly, I went down to the Ani Con, where I purchased a sweet ass airbrushing monkey with a detatchable head and a glow in the dark skull. AWESOME! (Good job Winson...keep it up!) So, I knew it was gonna be crowded, but it was worse than the pit at the Live and Loud Festival, where I was tattooing at (I'm liking how I linked them in so smoothly....cunning.....)

So yeah, Live and Loud, for those of ya who dont know, was a one day music festival, with acts like New Found Glory, Lostprophets, Simple Plan....One Republic....blah blah. Anyways, I got asked to tattoo at the festival, which was pretty sweet, and we got a bunch of free tickets for our friends too! So I got a good few hours o' tattooing in, then we went to go watch the bands. None of the bands were really my cuppa tea music-wise, but they were really nice guys & good times were had by all.

Here are some pics of the night....

LAura's concert 048

LAura's concert 029

Yesterday I got to tattoo a really awesome piece on an inline skater called Erik Bailey who's doing some demo's here in HK. And today was pretty mental, 6 pieces booked in, well 7 booked in but 6 showed up! At the moment i'm fully booked til the 23rd, so it's all go I tell ya!


Until next time....