Friday, 31 October 2008

saipan tattoo festival

So i am back at the shop now, after an awesome week away at the annual international tattoo festival in saipan (which is one of the most awesome places i have and probably will ever go to!)
I cant believe how well the convention went. everyone was super friendly, and there were some awesome artists there. they guys from Club tattoo (USA) were in the booth next to ours, and we had some funny ass nights out after the convention. we made some awesome contacts, and i got invited to work at some great studios (black eyes in japan, triple star in paris among others). we are welcoming guest artist ricky santana from skinworkz in dec so anyone interested get in touch. he's only working 3 days, so get your skates on!
anyways, the convention was 4 days, and i walked away with 1st place for "tattoo of the day" on thurs, for a gypsy head i did, and i won 1st place for "most realistic tattoo" on fri. and i won 2nd place for "tattoo of the day" on fri, sat and sun!
really quick post as i try and catch up on e mails etc from while we were away. here are some pics (more to come soon i promise!
enjoyreceiving award


1st place tattoo

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Long time no blog lah...

So life has been crazy crazy! Trying to sort everything out before we head off on Mon to Saipan tattoo Convention. we'll b gone 1 week. Can't wait. It feels like out honeymoon (we never had one!) So, on top of all that, our laptop decided to go off and die on us, so we had to get a new computer. Now in between working, designing, and answeriung e mails, i barely have any time (me time i mean) online. We aint got no internet at home so now it's 12:30 am, i am so ready to head off to amazonia for a booze up, but i thought i'd quickly upload some new work and let ya'll know what's what!

1jason coi


tomorrow is my day off and we r thin
king of going to disney land. coz of halloween we heard there was a huge nightmare before christmas stuff thing-a-me-jig.

plus i just bought the most kick ass star trek dvd boxset. ALL the borg episodes from all series! hahahaha too cool. (stop laughing, i can hear ya)

Friday, 3 October 2008

clearly not crystal clear....

just to make things crazy clear, we are moving house, not the studio! so many ppl have asked. hope that clarifies everything!
get it? got it? good!
p.s enjoy the typhoon. looks like i'll have to work through it, coz i'm booked up til nov 1st, so cant really reschedule people! sucks! blah!

Thursday, 2 October 2008

The wheels on the bus go round and round....

So yesterday we went looking for a new place to live. Kinda sucked, "meh".

Anyways, after that, we went to the Wanch for our monthly showcase. It was a kickass night. Zane and Corey, and Brendan and Josh all did little acoustic sets. Then we had Mammoth play their first ever show, and they ROCKED! They were AWESOME! (but i guess everyone knows that already, coz they cant stop telling people! haha

We also had Oi! Squad and the Bowie Knives play.
As always, they were great too!

Then I had a little freak out about moving, and whether we should go back to the U.K, and blah blah blah. I'm really starting to feel a little stir crazy, and I miss all my friends back there, and I miss going to shows there, and I miss getting tattooed there....etc etc.

I was really feeling bummed out.

Anyways, then we headed to Amazonia, and that cheered me up a whole bunch, but I was still kinda "meh".
And then.....I found out something AMAZING!!!!! I cant say, coz nobody knows, but now I'm stoked to be in Hong Kong!
Anyways, here's somestuff I did, got to finish this off, i had done the outline first ( been waiting a year to finish this one!)


Then the same guy (Nick, a mate of ours) got the weirdest tattoo ever.

He got a dotted line around his neck with "cut here"(in arabic) and an itty bitty pair of scissors next to it. Freak Nick, seriously.