Saturday, 23 February 2008

new stuff makes me smile.

So just bought a new camera. Well, its 2nd hand but its new to me and thats all that matters! Been taking stooooopid amounts of photos of everything.
Heres one of my blind (I think....or he was just concentrating really hard) banjo buddy

banjo dude

And here's the coolest house in Hong Kong....(this title is subject to change, when and if I find a 'cooler' one)


And here's the trees fighting back.


And last but not least, here's a pic of some of our local competition. Loving the sign. Lets all say it together....
"I Tattoo"
"You Tattoo"
"He, She, It Tattoos"
"They Tattoo"


Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Painful paintings

Seems Chinese New years is the time for Chinese tattoos. Here are a couple of pieces I did over CNY.



Also, a pirate ship I'll never get to finish as this pirate lives on distant shores. Arrrrrgh.


Excuses & Mountain of monkeys

So excuses excuses, but i HAVE been too busy to post for like....a week. Anyways, today is my day off, so once again, lacking in the technology department as I am in my humble abode. Will post some new pics up as soon as they find their way onto my internet machine.
Yesterday rocked, went to Monkey mountain. It was like heaven on earth but with more poop than I'd expect in the afterlife.
I think we managed to snap some good pics of the little guys when they weren't trying to attack us!
Got some more T shirt designs I'm workin on, having a hard time with them as I have no idea whatsoever how to use photoshop, but I'll figure something out. I always do.

OK So I got the photos on my camera now, so here are a few of the MANY pictures we took of the monkeys!

monkey train

This one I love. I think it's weird seeing these wild monkeys just chillin' by the highway.
And the little dude below....He was too cute. If all the monkeys hadn't been so damn crazy, i would have seriously contemplated how far i could have taken this little guy in my jacket pocket!

monkey st

little itty bitty monkey

Sunday, 3 February 2008

nice day for it

So today is absolutely f f f f freezing. i've been forced to dress my chihuahua its THAT cold. Apparantly the temperature here is the same as in the U.K which is fuckin' insane seeing as we are world.....correction, half a world apart. Anyways, heres an arty farty pic of yesterday's tattoo which some dude took. (thanks dude). l'm gonna stop typing before my digits fall off from f f f frost bite.


Saturday, 2 February 2008

Mr T, The hoff, and dogs humping?

Interesting week as far as tattoing goes. Had the guys from Aiya Media come round with all the film crew to shoot an episode for Chi Seen, the asian version of Jackass I guess you'd say.
Besides being rushed off my feet, stress levels almost peaking, and not even nearly enough coffee... it was a fuckin' awesome day. Glad I got the oppurtunity to do it. Can't say too much coz obviously don't wanna ruin the incomprehensible suspense that surrounds this episode. Basically the premise was there were 7 designs (all pretty laaaaaame) to choose from. Each guy picked one from a hat while being blindfolded. We did the tattoos, and at the very end, each guy got to check their new found masterpiece out. I have to say I found it funnier than I had expected to. Not sure if this is because of the amazing acting, or (most probably) a few beers in the belly and a head full of exhaustion. Either damn way, I'm sure as hell lookin forward to seeing it!