Saturday, 29 November 2008

new house new work new artists

so we have finally moved in to our new house. its awesome. on monday we are welcoming 2 guest artists too (Dragon Edong from Saipan USA, and Ricky Sta.ana from the Philippines), so anyone who tried to book in but couldnt coz we r so busy, we now have spaces opened up, so get your ass back to the studio! there is loads of info on facebook so check out the even by star crossed tattoo for more info!
anyways, this is just a quick post between customers. here's some recent work i've done.

foot flower


Monday, 17 November 2008

half sleeves and head tattoos

so.... did a nice half sleeve the past 2 days. we started it yesterday, and finished it today. the guy sat like a super trooper, it musta sucked big time today after a night of pain n stuff. its probably my favorite dragon to date, but this guy was a kickass customer, and pretty much left it all up to me, where as most of the dragons i've done in the past had to have "this and this, and look like this, but with a little less of this...." if ya know what i mean!

(if ya wanna see the pic not cropped, check out or check out the website, i'll have a bigger picture posted on there soon.


anyways, i had 2 more customers after the sleeve, and i started a nice geisha on a girls back, covering a gecko or something. didnt take a before photo, but i'm hoping i got one lying around one one of the hard drives.... anyways, its only lined at the moment.
then when everybody left, i tattooed ross' head. good times!


Saturday, 15 November 2008

Recent work.

Here's some work from today and yesteryear....yesterday sorry (i've always wanted an excuse to use that word).

jason skull

black n grey ohmmmmm

anyways, blog....bloggg..... been getting a bit lax with the blogging, so i'm pretty much rambling now to fulfill the blog requirements i have set myself somewhere in the depth of my little mind......
So i am moving house soon, havent packed a thing, well i tell a lie, i packed a box. Last minute packing is way more sensible anywyas, coz u aint got time to wonder and stroke your beard about what to keep and what not to keep..... u just chuck whatever u cant live without in a box and go on ur merry way.

Off to the fringe tomight to see sea monster, bone table and hungry ghosts for some post halloween hell raising. be there or be square.


Saturday, 8 November 2008

Saipan tattoo festival photos

So I finally had time to upload the pics from saipan (thanks to a no show customer- love having my time wasted)
anyways, there are loads more pictures, but here's a few!

Me judging the competition for "best sleeve"

judging saipan tattoo fest

me working at the convention

saipan tat fest working

one of the tattoos i did at the convention.


one of the nights after working. we went to a korean bar where all the men were dressed as ladies!

lady's nite saipan style


Edong was kind enough to take the artists who were still around the day after the convention around the island....

Us at "suicide cliff"

saipan suicide cliff

us with suicide cliff behind us

saipan last day

the view in frontsaipan sea,

and no i wasnt drunk. it was windy!

saipan view

me getting fancy with the camera at one of the war memorials


church on beach road

saipan church

this is a derelict tank on the side of beach road.

saipan tank

this is down the road from our hotel

saipan shoes

Even leaving Saipan is stunning! This is a pic taken on the plane out the window.

saipan sunset

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

South China Morning post

nice little article in the SCMP today! i'll try and get it posted soon.