Tuesday, 29 July 2008

biomechanical crazy skeliton dude.

So! today was spent doing 4 and a half hours of linework on this super colourful sleeve to be.....
he's booked in again for about 2 weeks, and we're gonna lay down the black shading.....then the goodness comes. the COLOUR! i normally really don't enjoy bio mech, but throw a skull in the mix, and i pretty much free handed the majority of it, so it was fun.




yesterday was spent well on 2 nice ol' roses, and i tattooed my brother at the end of the day. he's one of the few (FEW!) ppl who i'll work on for free, after all, blood is thicker than ink! haha



and finally, the star crossed website has been totally revamped! REVAMPED i tell ya! we even have guestbook now (fancy!) go friggin' sign it y'all! u might need to delete starcrossedtattoo.com from ur cache, coz websites and technology remember stuff, so check out the new, fancy ass, awesomeness that is www.starcrossedtattoo.com ! woo hoo!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

painting tattoos of tattoo paintings

So today was fun. did a one shot half sleeve on a tattoo virgin (good going by the way!). its based on a HUGE painting he was given, we thought we'd have to miss loads off seeing as him arms weren't too big, but as it worked up, i pretty much squeezed it all in.

Heres a couple of shots of it:



Saturday, 26 July 2008

monkeys and machines = perfect day

so yesterday ruled! i got up soooooper early (9am......i cant remember the last time i was awake before midday!) to rush to the studio coz there was a tattooer travelling from spain and i was not gonna let him leave without doing a piece on me!

my leg

(thanks i LOVE IT!) (i'm hoping someone can translate that for him) he spoke barely any english, but we managed. so i got a kick ass monkey hand with a rose n stuff. Loving it! so 4 hrs later, i tattoo my customers for the rest of the day, and i did another mammoth godzilla of a piece! sat through it like a trooper.

chinese backpiece

and heres a piece i did the day before. "Ashes" and "Dust" for those of you who dont read german!
OOoohh....and i almost forgot! I got a brand spankin new tattoo machine yesterday too! Life is good i tell ya! Woop woop and all that jazz.


Tomorrow, a half sleeve and a design i have been meaning to finish since the dawn of man. (sorry ! you know who u r)

Thursday, 24 July 2008

The men in my life rock!

Quick post before i start my next tattoo, a few good hours work on an elbow....ouch!
On a lighter note, Buster makes a kickass cowboy!

cowboy buster

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Dearest

So yesterday I managed to squeeze 2 of the guys from "The Dearest" in for tattoos. They are a band from Canada who are at the tail end of their tour. Then, as standard......off to AMAZONIA!
Here's the pics of their tattoos.....

dearest band tat


And here's a puppy portrait i did today. SO CUTE!

puppy tattoo

I'm so relieved tomorrow is my day off! It's been so hectic at work, I feel like I need a week off!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

yesterday came suddenly...

so here's the mammoth piece that kept me workin til the wee hours....


and here's my favorite from today...

butterfly n flowers cropped

apologies i didnt crop them, quick post on the ferry home again!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

Sugar Spice n' Everything nice!

So the past three-ish... (i loose track!!) have been chocca-bloody-block with girly-wirly tattoos, and to be honest, i've really enjoyed it! I dunno if its coz they leave me with a bit more freedom with colour, or design, or what, but its been a really fun few past days work. All the work was super varied too.... and i didnt take photos of everything, coz i've gotten to the point where i have so many photos....if anything is a little too similar to something i've already done, i just wont bother taking pics, coz i really want all my photos to be a nice mixture of a bunch of stuff.

I always find it funny when people come in and they're all like "oh you only do old school right?" when theres clearly crap buckets loads of other kinda stuff that i do just as well. anyways, thats not the point even.... i always say.....if someone bothers to ask, that my favorite style to tattoo (as far as my enjoyment goes, is old school, new skool, or a nice mix of both. now by no means in this god forsaken world, does that mean thats all i do! (would be nice though............. hmmmmm.......... quick daydream interlude, apologies!)

anyways, i'm on the ferry home, quickly trying to upload the pics so i can post them today, if not (i'm already halfway to my weird little stepford wives island already and still no luck)...i'll do it tomorrow at work.

I was gonna just do this post bout the girly tats i just done, but while i'm waiting for my pics..... i might as well mention the goliath of a humungousness dinosaur of a piece i just did in one sitting! its on a guy we know from here n there, and he booked in a few months ago. i had a vague idea of what he wanted, and it was a free hand job, but when he rocked up for his first tattoo (thats right, u r not mistaken, i said FIRST!) i had no idea it was gonna be a backpiece! so 5 or so hours later, i couldnt have been happier there was a beer with my name on it in the fridge. i'll post pics of that beauty tomorrow!

flowers cropped

phoenix leg cropped

swallow pinks n purples

hong kong

snowflake cropped

Sunday, 13 July 2008

what followed fell like mercury to hell

so yesterday was quite possibly the busiest we have ever been. from the moment i got to the studio, til about 12am i was tattooing solid.....like crazy solid.....like oh my god i need a cigarette but there is no time and i'm gonna kill someone solid.

so i knew i was fully booked, but then i got a walk in first thing, so i squeezed her in, then what i thought was one booking was 2, then i had to squeeze another guy in who was leaving the next day, and in total i did 7 pieces, not like teeny tiny pieces, like proper tattoos. i was so happy to go home, and i would have posted this last night, but i couldnt get an internet connection, so here i am posting it today on my way to work, where once again i'm fully booked, but today will be an easy day in comparison.

anyways, what i really came online to do is to post the finished pic of the piece i did at the skin n inks closing party.....so here it is. really i should post 2 pics so u can see all the sides, but i couldn't get an amazing photo, and by the time i was done, i didn't really wanna sit around any longer. so heres the best pic i got. enjoy!

danny's arm

Saturday, 12 July 2008

I'm no abacus but you can count on me!

So I finally designed a piece for skin n inks, and Danny loves everything to do with anything and everything nautical, so this piece had his name written all over it. I ended up doing a 3 hr job on his forearm at Cliq, and was pretty happy to be done in time to get a few drinks down too.

Obviously workin outta the shop can be kinda akward, but the conditions we were in were better than many, i'm just glad i thought to bring a fan coz the lights were crazy hot, and i honestly felt like i was gonna end up in a puddle on the floor.

The auction seemed to go well to. One of my canvases was included in the live bidding (the rest are getting auctioned off via e mail), and sold for $11,000, which all goes to the Kely Support Group.

Heres a couple of pics from the night (thanks Jeff and Ross!)

danny interview

Ime workin at cliq


Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Dior Dahhhhhling

So spent my entire day off doing make up for a Dior photoshoot with HK actress, Karena Lam. The job was meant to be 2 hours, but low and behold.....6 hrs later, we just about scraped something together! It was all a bit crazy, and we actually got a lot done, considering the time. We did "tattoos" (not real....) on the lovely lady, 2 full sleeves, hand tats, and a full chest piece.
Looking forward to seeing the prints, as I couldnt hang around and watch the shoot, as I had dinner plans with firends, that i was 3 hours late for (sorry guys, the food was AWESOME though!)
I must say Ms Lam sat super still for 6 hours, and was a great sport, I just hope she could wash it all off ok! (japan?!) anyways, tomorrow is the closing party at Cliq for Skin n Inks, and I'll be tattooing there, so its all go. Wish me luck!
Until then...........

Monday, 7 July 2008

what a day!

so today..... besides tattooing my arse off, being sick as a dog, and getting rained on...... MY F@#CKING mobile phone got stolen.....IN MY STUDIO! I dont know what kinda a**hole thinks its ok to waltz in asking me how i'm gonna fix his piece of shit tattoo he got in thailand, wastes my time over a consultation, then f*#ks off with my phone. Now trust me, its annoying enough when your phone gets nicked, but this is my WORK phone. this is the number EVERYONE calls on. So now, I'm gonna have to drag my ill as hell ass outta bed about 3 hours early tomorrow, just to go get a new SIM card, and buy the sorriest piece of shit phone i can find, to replace my old one. So "mr crap calf piece japanese space themed tattoo that looks like it was done by a blind chimpanzee with no opposable thumbs" if i ever see your ugly face in my shop again, expect to get a new hole ripped open and your head shoved up it.

Friday, 4 July 2008

among other things....here's how i spent the rest of the day

got a couple of tattoo designs done, and 2 paintings finished. FINALLY!


not sure what to do with these, maybe t shirts, or new shop signs.....hmmmmm. i'm thinkin t shirts for the geisha at least.

geisha watercolor

anyways.... too much thinking, i'm off to Ned Kelly's for dinner, some rag time jazz and drinks. night night.

lost but not forgotten

so i was diggin' about the computer and found this pic of a tiger i did a few weeks back. we managed to get it all done in like......a 5 hour sitting. god know's how, and i'd rather have had more time on this one (bit of a mad rush towards the end! i'm sure he felt it.), but he was visiting HK. Just realised i never posted this pic, so here's a putty cat on a rock.


had a cancellation (well.....they rescheduled for another day)today, so my last few hours at work got freed up. i'm pretty happy about it coz i got a lot of artwork to work on, so i should be able to get some of that outta the way. for anyone waiting on designs, i'm sorry i'm really backlogged. i'm fully booked for the next 2 weeks, and have barely any time to get designs done, so once again "i'm sorry"! should get some done in the next few days, among other stuff i'm working on.... and hopefully some new pics to post soon too!