Thursday, 12 November 2009

supreme loser

ok, so time to tell y'all bout yesterday. was one of the best days off i've had in a while. 1stly, me n ross decided to go find this chip shop in sai kung we've been hearing so much about.

 We found it, and.... it was ok, nothing to write home about, and funnily enough it's called "camden town". When i was in camden in august, i noticed a chinese takeaway called "hong kong", wish i had a photo of that now. 

Anyways, after our fish n chips, we got the bus into town, the sky looked awesome.

No, those aren't UFO's....they are reflections of the lights on the bus.

Rush hour was hell, and we ended up at the races an hour late....

Steve was already $1000 up and very excited. I know diddly squat about racing, Steve on the other hand..... knows a lot about racing (and a little about acceptable shoe-sock attire)

So, as Steve was the go-to guy with the racing (he'd even printed out info at home, bless him)....Ross and Murray heeded Steve's advise, and won. 

I decided i'd just bet on the long-shots... and lost. (Come on, how could i not place a bet on "Supreme Commander"?!)

Can u feel the tension?

The boys and their winning tickets.

I may have well bet on this guy!

Ah, at least Melvis was around to brighten the mood!

Anyways, about to watch Friday the 13th... dial a cliche, right?


Spike said...

For what it's worth, we're practically neighbors. Judging from some photos you posted in the past, I think I live about 5 minutes away from you.

We were going to try Camden Town a couple of weeks back but when we went over there, there was no one else eating there, while naturally the seafood restaurants on either side were packed. I'm not sure if it's just Camden Town doing a poor job of marketing themselves or if this speaks to the cultural divide that I see too frequently. At any rate, was the food any good? Would you go back?

Julia Seizure said...

spike, i'd give it another go, sure, but we tried the fish n chips and .... it was just "ok". i guess i'd take friends there... for a laugh ....but i wouldn't eat there regularly. was gonna go back and try the chicken.... let me know if u try it!
the closest thing i've found to proper fish n chips is The Chippy in central.