Monday, 8 March 2010

Star Crossed Tattoo for SALE!

Figured i may as well blog about this seeing as i haven't properly done so....

Star Crossed Tattoo in Hong Kong is currently for sale, fully equipped. Any interested parties can e mail for more information.

Here's some pics of the studio and the shop/waiting room....

all the equipment, loads of the books and flash, all the furniture and sterilization equipment is staying, so it is literally a fully functioning studio with everything you could need, including computer, printer/scanner, thermofax machine.

We have a separate sterilization room in the back, a bathroom and a small office too. Star Crossed has a great local reputation and catches a lot of overseas trade. It is currently set up for 2 artists, but could easily accommodate more.

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lowlight said...

Sweet all I need to do is graduate from that new tattoo school down the road, and then you'll be hearing from me!