Wednesday, 15 June 2011

please please please

so, what a shitty old week i've had.

anyways, here's a MORRISSEY tattoo i started up the other day, he had to tap out before we finished lining it though..... it's the lyrics to please, please, please. quite fitting really.

looking forward to getting that finished.

earlier today i had a fun lil cover up in. she gave me free reign, just wanted a butterfly. think it's my favourite butterfly i've tattooed.

and lastly, here's what i just finished up....
they're rorshach tests, again very fitting considering how i've been feeling.

getting a good photo of the one in the ditch was literally impossible.

in other news, way more awesome jolly feelgood news, guess who i ended up going out on the lash with?! Only Duncan from Snuff! he turned up in the pub i was in friday, we hit it off, ended up taking him to the crobar, and stayed out til half three. good times~!

we started off very pensive, philosophical almost...

resulted in being retarded with clothes pegs on our faces.

ooh, and i got him to draw on a cracker for me. it's now framed, and proudly displayed in my living room. ( y'all have no idea how long it took me to put this back together after a night out. couldnt find glue so had to repair it with double sided tape and hairspray.)

it's a shit. a beautiful shit.


tattoos by adam caudill said...

possibly the greatest blog post i have ever read.

Julia Seizure said...

haha! good stuff! nice to know people do actually read it too! :)