Monday, 1 August 2011

day of rest

well, i rested everything but my dog and my liver.

so yesterday i FINALLY went to the beautiful duke of wellington where my buddy, phil smith is head chef. woop woop.

it was a fucking beautiful day, and people were... dressed.... summery. no excusing this though.


anyways, so, the pub, the food, and the scenery.... back to non arse hanging out news.....

beautiful, right?!

so we sat down, and i looked at the menu my buddy meticulously prepared, and didn't see anything i'd eat. (i'm that annoying dick who's real fussy)

so i asked the waitress if i could have everything like the roast beef, but with the chicken breast from the warm salad. 

i hear it went like this

waitress "can somebody have chicken with the roast?"
phil "NO!!!! tell them to fuck off"
waitress "it's your friend"
phil "ok"

gotta love it.

pieman gave me 1/2 his yorkshire coz he knows they r like crack to me.

then, the crack fairy came along and left this on the table next to me....

amazing. just like the pimms.

interesting choice of glass though. last i checked, those weren't the correct ingredients.... but hey, i seem to b wrong bout most things nowadays....

so after eating, we sat for hours and drank while waiting for phil to go on his break. we met a cool couple who live out of london during the week, and in london on the weekends. the lady next to me was called rachel. they have a dog called alice. i think the guy was called philip. he liked the tall waitress. rachel wasn't impressed by his behaviour. he liked cricket, and she fed clams to my dog. 

it was rad.

so anyways, on the break we wandered to another pub, where i discovered the true purpose for my "fight the power" penknife with fork....

dont leave home without one..... if it's windy and u smoke roll up's anyways.

across the road was a kickass fishing shop....

i think this was the 1st kinda fish i ever caught as a kid, and remember freaking out when i saw what was on the end of my line. true story.

there was also a super cute estate agent..... behold....

and this was on the way to the toilet in the pub. (this was weird, coz i was planning on taking a friend to a taxidermy shop, but never got round to it, but my facebook status was still "roast/chihuahua/taxidermy" and thats exactly how it went down. synchronicity and all that mumbo jumbo as someone once said.

so it wasn't a tough choice whether to stay round the area after phil went back to work. especially seeing as anyone over the age of 22 knew each other and had to scream "DAHHHHHLING" at everyone whilst crossing the road and holding up traffic. there was also a very irritating girl sat behind me who seemed to feel the need she "loved my dog's spirit" over and over. last i checked, my dog was alive, and she didn't look like a medium.

anyways, i had more to post, but just heard news bout something and gotta shoot.


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