Thursday, 12 April 2012

working girl

i'm seriously running out of titles. sorry to anyone who was googling prostitution and found this blog.

so, here's some new work....

click to enlarge.

so this was done on my buddy Will, who had been vegetarian for a very long time.... until *epic drum roll* 6.1.12. now he is very partial to fried chicken... and i cant blame him.

next up, this lil' beauty on Lulu... who always gets fun cool stuff. This was on my Valentine's flash set, and we omitted a rose, as she has enough roses. For now...

This piece was on Rakesh... who seems to be becoming a bit of a regular. Never a bad thing.

And last but not least, just finished these 2 pieces on Ellie. We shall be adding a rocket, planets, n space stuff in the background before long.

Last up, this useless button. Lord just came in, so i shall be polite and get off the computer.

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