Tuesday, 24 July 2012

new beginnings is the name of a rehab.... and this blog post.

so, i started working at Skunx last week. Got my station all set up, and managed to fill my shelves in the space of a few days. It's a talent i have.


here's some work i've been doing as of late...

finished this off the other day too....

and yesterday, i did this reaper for my buddy Paul. He has a reaper corner... it's a thing.

super productive. even got sketching in preparation for my guest spot next week...

and i even had time to pimp out the bin at work!

so in other news, i went to a comicon recently and got my Enterprise blueprints signed by none other than Gates McFadden aka Beverly Crusher!


right, my laptop is about to run outta juice, so that's all for now folks. til next time... live long, and prosper.

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