Saturday, 6 December 2008

skully mc skullerson

i never get sick of tattooing skulls! skulls rock.


sorry for the hairy pic, a little red and soft grey was touched up after healing.

sugar skull

here's a likkle itty bitty heart on a forearm, hearts aint too bad neither ya know! it's awesome i'm starting to get more work like this coming in now...keeps me smiling!

sacred heart

i've had a fair few nice little pieces come my way recently, which is never a bad thing. it's been nice having a second artist here to lighten some of the workload too. got some mammoth pieces getting booked in in january. 2 full sleeves on passers by who are convinced they'll be able to sit through day in day out sittings...... ouch....!

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Skulls of dooooommm !!

Oh I believe ya sister !! I've had a few funny one's my self hah ! Let's talked about them , live from the 20th till the 27th of January 09 ! How's that for a deal !?