Saturday, 13 December 2008

battleship's blazing!

so here's a 4 hour job i did on a poor buggers elbow!
(tom, i owe u a drink after that!)

i really like this piece! was worried i'd lose thje stencil coz elbows suck fat stuff, but all went well, and the funny thing is, there was actually some stencil still on there by the time i'd finished!!! (the smoke comin' thru the clouds.)
anyways, enjoy!


i'm starting off a half sleeve tomorrow which i'm gonna draw in a min (i had a no show for my last app.) so now i don't gotta draw when i go home!

and yes, i know the pics don't fit on the page, but they do on my alive not dead page, so check out the pic's in all their glory here..........

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