Friday, 26 November 2010


So the last box of my stuff from Hong Kong arrived today. It was full of cd's, and whilst sorting through them.... i found a jem. Basically, long story short, after Ross got his finger tash we kinda made an epic effort to take photos of everyone we encountered to be on a gallery on the studio website. This awesome "best idea ever" lasted all of 1 night. But what a night, and here's the proof. Now keep in mind, most these people are strangers we stopped in the street/club.... so i think 10 points for effort. My favorite is the last pic, some homeless guy we found on the street who didn't speak any English. Genius.... and i'm pretty sure i gave him enough spare coinage to make it worth his while in return!

Ladies and Gentlemen.... may i present..... just another night out in Hong Kong 2007. Enjoy.

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Rich Phipson said...

i love Ross' face in the last one!