Thursday, 13 October 2011

The past is short. The future is long

So, first up, a quick 1-shot i just did on a super easy going customer. he had some really beautiful work on his arms, and that always makes me a little nervous. it's much easier to do nice tattoos on people covered in crap i find! haha

anyways, he wanted an anchor, water, and a scroll with "bring her home" inside. and he wanted it traditional. hmmm. i'm not exactly a traditional sorta girl. or tattooer for that matter. i wasn't sure how to go about the linework. i'm just fond of single pass lines, and when i saw him flicking through my portfolio intently before his appointment, i kinda gave a sign of relief, coz he musta known what he was in for.... and this would still be more "traditional than anything in there.

still, when the time came for him to check it out in the mirror, i did get a bit nervous. well, til he turned around and said "it's awesome!"

as nice as it is to do a sweet romantic tattoo on a really nice customer, i couldn't help but think about how crap a lot of stuff has been recently for me and some of my closest friends. next year. next year had better be better!

in other news, i went to go see 3 friends do an acoustic night on tuesday @ The Mucky Pup after my penultimate (yeah! you read that right! woop woop) session on my backpiece. sore, and bloody, and tired, but it was a good night. some of y'all who know me from the land of Kong, or read my blog like a book will remember tim from this post... and the few posts preceding it.

here's an official video (i didnt even realise he'd made an official video.... it's all very official i tell ya.) of his....

also great to see Greg again. haven't seen him play for about 2 years, and nice to catch Oliver John Ward's set. (title credit to him for this post)

Last night i went to go see Nadja, Plurals, and some dude who i have no idea what his parents Christened him, what may be on his birth certificate, or what he goes by.... (he was my favourite set of the eve) typical. 

and just spotted THIS last night! gonna get me some golden tickets for that one i tell ya! so excited!

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