Monday, 3 October 2011

the oracle, queen laqueefa, and charlotsalovin'

holy macaroni faces on paper plates. what a weekend.
the lovely miss hana came back down from glasgow. for one night only, like a rockstar. she brought along charlotte who i'd heard a lot about but never met. i now know she's real. true story. (i was starting to wonder.....) haha

but 1st up.... look at my amazing friday night purchase....

yes. i bought david hasslehoff's head and paid to have it surgically attached. 

so anyways, back to hana n charlotte.  they rolled into the shop sat night, with a bag full of beer that was warmer than was scientifically possible, and a bottle of pink champagne that had somehow turned into mulled wine (it's been hot these past few days, and they got the bus all the way down the country....).
mulled wine is now a nemesis of mine. it tried to blow my head off. luckily i have ninja skills , and it flew outta the door. crazy though. i swear my life flashed before my eyes.

hana and i exchanged gifts....

she got me this.... which is quite possibly the coolest thing ever.

so we went to this rockabilly gig in some weird crypt thing.... 

it was quite a mission to get there. the tubes were all outta whack.... which in turn made us all outta whack.... but we made it in the end. hana did the twist on stage.... good on her. the spastic awesome guy won tho. he deserved it.

in the disabled toilet, we found a lever.... we dont know what it did. i mighta inadvertently started WW3....

we also kidnapped a baby.... we named her "susie seizure". her head fell off. 

charlotte tried her best to reattach her head...

to no avail....

it took us forever to get back to my flat, and some dude shat his pants on the bus and then proceeded to vomit everywhere. it was quite a spectacle.

once we got back to my flat, we attempted to lay my sofa bed flat (i've never had the need before. i seem to be a 1 house guest at a time kinda gal.... til now.) it went terribly, charlotte headbutted hana's shoulder and gave herself a black eye.... and broke her kickass specs (i'm sorry, i'm laughing outloud as i type this......) so they spooned. 

the next day we went on a wonder with milo, and i discovered this massive recreation park like RIGHT NEXT TO MY FLAT!

madness i tell ya! 

there's a bowls lawn, a cafe, a playground, and a pond that seems to be filled with mushy peas ?!

it was right about this point when charlotte went "awwwwww look, there's a squirrel!"..... "OH WAIT?! IT'S a RAT!" bahahaha. genius.

so then we went to the smoothie/shake emporium down the road from my house....

the man behind the counter was a little.... well a lot fascinated by us. 

man: "are you girls in a band?"
us :'no'
man:"why not?!"
hana:'because we have no talent.'
man *disappointed*: "ohhh"

haha. genius. that place is so full of win it's unreal.

so then onwards to kentish town where we got the roast we'd been so looking forward to. it was kinda disappointing. oh well, at least i witnessed charlotte put away the largest portion known to man. gold star.

then on to the taxidermy haven...

that has to be the most confused badger ever. 

they have a new fox that i totally fell in love with too. so awesome. oh, and they had a fox with "titties' as the man in the shop kept repeating in a .... i think it was a french accent.... 
that guy's rad, and he has candy. he always wants to stuff my dog whenever i go in there with him though, which i find a little disturbing. this isn't from yesterday, this is from hanas last visit where she bought the cup he was drinking out of (true story)

so then *sob* it was time for the lovely ladies to trot back off to the hillbilly bus all the way back up to glasgow. on the way we did a little tongue examining....


but not as amazing as this guys shoes.....

the end.

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Ross S. Seizure said...

it's not a lever... its a disability bar!