Saturday, 19 November 2011

shine a light

So the ever awesome Hana came down yesterday morning.... and seeing as i was working, i sent her home to get some  rest. Think she's been seriously sleep deprived, and needed as many winks as she could get hold of. After work, her fine self and Simon came to meet me, and we trotted off to the Pineapple.... where they had a complete blackout. Didn't stop us ordering drinks and most likely paying a fraction of their true value (always a bonus when people can't be arsed to do mental addition). 
Also didn't stop us from having a frightfully wicked game of scrabble, where i think we managed to dispute every 2 letter word ever entered into a dictionary. 

thought i'd better use the flash for some pics, as i'd imagine a blog only compiled of dark grainy photographs wouldn't really be acceptable blog-behaviour. 

you could say i cheated, as 2 heads are better than one. however, milo seemed to also bring with him the "curse of no vowels" which is a slight hinderance. 

it was awesome to hang with hana again, i've missed her, and she's off for 6 months soon, so every little segment of time must be savoured. also good to hang with simon, as he's back off to Glasgow as i type.... so won't be seeing him for a while, and he's off to the States for X Mas.... so double deprivation for me. 

so after a pit stop in a second pub (our bladders aren't what they used to be....) we went n bought some stale donuts for 17p, and shared a cheese and plum chutney sandwich, and some Crabbies on the "wailing wall"(long story... but what an absolute hilarious namesake) .... if only you knew.

Buying our dinner was a slight disturbance to the evening, as the shop assistant felt the need to be rude and obnoxious to me.... TWICE! (i didn't hear his utterly retarded comment the first time round.... so he felt the need to repeat it. louder. charming)

so then we headed off to the Black Heart for Liam from Booze n Glory's birthday shenanigans. (Simon was adamant he had stuff to do before he went back to Glasgow... he was adamant he wouldn't come.... he was adamant he would be at home by this point... doing what he needed to do) He came with. 
*Pah! i laugh in the face of a man who tries to tear himself away from our company yet can't*

The barman immediately felt the need to inform us dogs are not usually allowed inside after 8pm... but we totally won him over, and it didn't take long for him to pour Milo a glass of water and educate me on how awesome and calm my own dog is. 

T'was a nice evening. A little dancing, a lot of sausages getting fed to Milo, and Liam had a pretty rad cake.

So, that was then. Oh! I almost forgot the most bizarre chat up i have ever experienced.... went something like this:
him "your dog is really cute"
me 'thanks'
him "is it a chihuahua?"
me 'yup'
him "he looks like a little Boston!"
me 'i know!!! i love Bostons!'
him "yeah he's super cute. really adorable (starts running up the stairs).... *yells* AND SO ARE YOU!"


This morning i had to be up in time for work, so nothing too eventful. Hana proudly sported the merch i gave her last visit.... which is always appreciated.

yes, that is Milo mid-yawn. He was also the last to get up might i add. Despicable.

So we went for a stroll in the park, talked about ice cream, mean parents, out door film screenings, what we would do if we could afford to rent the cafe that's for lease in the middle of the park... spotted a squirrel! (Charlotte.... it WASN'T a rat this time and i have PROOF!)


She's back for one last visit next week, where we are giving ourselves a fiver a day budget. she's broke, and we r gonna see how much fun we can have on a budget tighter than a D cup breast in an A cup bra. 

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