Wednesday, 2 November 2011

trust me, i'm a doctor

First things first, but not necessarily in that order.
Doctor Who

So, yesterday i travelled across London to visit this. Well worth the tube time, and not everybody can say they got to fly the tardis (which really is much bigger on the inside might i add) no camera trickery involved whatsoever.

not everyday u get to high 5 a scarecrow. unless i suppose u r a farmer, with a field, and in the field is housed a scarecrow, offering a hand. but, yeah, other than that, not every day.

i could have totally taken on this Dalek.  c'mon 2 fists vs. a toilet plunger and a whisk? place ur bets.

i knew wearing my Peter Davison t shirt would come in handy. he was the doctor the year i was born. true story.

best toilet sign EVER.

i wish i coulda brought milo to meet K9 :(

i think the only thing i didn't enjoy about the "experience" was the obese sweaty dude who took a million photos of everything, and was whistling out of his nose at an obscene decibalic rate that could rival a tornado.

as u can see, most of the exhibit (except for the old Daleks and the old Tardis') were from the newest Doctor's escapades. i'm ok with that though, Matt Smith is a sharp dresser, and even with sunken eyes he can totally pull off that bow tie. no mean feat if i may say so myself.

they had this weird "walk like a monster" seminar video, and as u can see, the mirrors used in that room were.... ghetto to say the least. did make for a good photo op though!

this was taken in front of a green screen. i make a pretty convincing weeping angel. loving how the guy behind the photo booth got all photoshop happy and even made me black n white over there. bless.

and how rad is my new mug WITH lid! gotta love a mug with a lid.

so today at work i got a pretty awesome surprise in the post. only a manfriend.
Yeah, Hana sent me this man friend in the mail. he'll do for now, not so keen on the ginger, nor the beard, but apparently he's an excellent scrabble player, so that's something.

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