Monday, 19 December 2011

Shark tales

So today i had some really fun pieces booked in. whoop whoop.

Started off with a fun blossom branch on a girls back....

My last customer today got a really fun piece, and has the most amazing taste in clothing....

i look tired coz i am.

Anyways, he wanted a sharks mouth with a ship's wheel in it, but i couldn't manage designing anything like that without it looking like that weird angry vagina with teeth from that film.... "Teeth". Luckily saying to ur customer "i think we should do the sharks head coz i'm worried it'll look like an angry vagina.... like that one from that film... "Teeth" makes them pretty much agree with you with no thought involved.

So this is what i sketched out and did a few minutes ago.

Super fun to do, even in the ditch of the arm. He sat really well too which is always a bonus.

As i was packing away, i noticed that the tissue resting on my stencil had almost identical blood spatter as what i did on the tattoo. 

Same shirt, phantom blood spatter... too weird.

Righio, now my blog is well and trully not chronological... (i still need to post the pics from the Christmas Noir night, and pics from the Flamin 8 X Mas do.... ) i am feeling a little outta whack. 

My next few posts may be confusing, and for that i apologise in a pre-emptive pathetic grasp at just trying to get back to when my blogs were in order in the space time continuum.... 

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