Friday, 16 December 2011

There's no business like snow business.

So.... woke up today, looked outside and by golly, it was snowing!

So, i put on my most snow related socks (Hana.... i hope u r proud)

Put on my new knitwear.... very festive indeed...

And once i finally managed to coax little Milo outta the front door, we went to the park where it was looking rather pretty. There were lots of squirrels running about frantically trying to find food to store i imagine...
Maybe i'll take some nuts over the weekend to give them a helping hand.

Milo hates the snow. These next few weeks are gonna be hard work...

In other news, i spotted the weirdest sock packaging last night... 
(Hana... more socks! god aren't u a lucky little minx?!)


I also spotted what i can only imagine a bike belonging to the most responsible toddler in existence... or the smallest midget know to man.

Oh, and my stunning new scarf arrived too! 

So as I mentioned yesterday, tonight is the Haunted Christmas Noir exhibition.
Here's the details from their Facebook page:

This show is a collaboration between fine art and tattoo art celebrating all things Xmas Noir. Artwork will be on display December 16th - January 16th with contributions coming from different artists from all around the world.

Our opening night will be on Friday December 16th with a reception at Haunted from 6-8 followed by a party at The Horatia featuring cockney cabaret legend Nigel Burch and his Flea Pit Orchestra.

We are looking forward to a bloody merry Xmas!

The artwork is being sold to raise money for Cancer research, so if owning some fucked up Christmassy paintings doesn't float your boat on it's own merit.... Do it for charity :)

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