Wednesday, 22 August 2012

weekends are when the week ends

what a wicked weekend i had. saturday i went to Brighton for an old friend (she's not old... i've known her "old time") do i sound gangster? retarded? either will suffice.

brighton was glorious. couldnt go in the water coz i recently had another session on the dagger on my front done....

just gonna say "ouch" and a chunk got stuck to my bikini (still cant wear a bra coz it fucking canes) but yeah, i think i ripped a chunk of flesh off the size of a pea. t'was unpleasant. still is to be honest :(

anyways, brighton was rad. 

i attempted to get milo in the big ol water hole we call the "sea" but the waves were pretty darn loud... and big when u stand a foot off the ground. was kinda like that scene in point break at the 100 year storm or whatever. 

we tried. 

the next day i went for an epic roast, a game of scrabble,

 and then a mooch in regents park.

there was some messed up kids festival going on, it was all caged in, but we could hear filthy jokes, motorhead and the toy dolls, and screaming kids. i really wanted to go in. sounded like carnage of the best kind. 

 i have since found out THIS was there!!!

seriously. coolest kids festival ever.

yesterday i tattooed a fun West Ham piece...

as far as football tattoos go, this was the most fun.

also drew this of late. it's up for grabs... i really wanna tattoo it!!!

in other news, now i am working at skunx, we have seen it fit that i dress like one...

makes perfect sense.

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