Saturday, 23 February 2008

new stuff makes me smile.

So just bought a new camera. Well, its 2nd hand but its new to me and thats all that matters! Been taking stooooopid amounts of photos of everything.
Heres one of my blind (I think....or he was just concentrating really hard) banjo buddy

banjo dude

And here's the coolest house in Hong Kong....(this title is subject to change, when and if I find a 'cooler' one)


And here's the trees fighting back.


And last but not least, here's a pic of some of our local competition. Loving the sign. Lets all say it together....
"I Tattoo"
"You Tattoo"
"He, She, It Tattoos"
"They Tattoo"


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Hey awesome !! We tattoo too !!! 10 points