Monday, 2 June 2008

completely crippled

so i've had a busy few days and its gotten to the point where my back is totally shot. i cant really do anything, i'm in total agony and i've taken the day off to try and rest. doesnt seem to be helping much, and i'll be back at the shop tomorrow but have moved all my bookings til thurs. i'll be there to do consultations, and i will hopefully get a bunch of designs finished off. so some ppl will be hearing from me. i'm workin on like......4 cover up's at the moment, so thats what i will be doing tomorrow. i did bring stuff home thinking "i'll draw at home" yeah........not gonna happen. i've literally been sitting here for hours trying to recuperate, and i'm still in agony.
on the bright side, i did some awesome tattoos recently, and i'll post up new pics tomorrow. i'm also workin on a geisha watercolour, so if all goes well, i might finish that tomorrow too.
so, until tomorrow....

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