Monday, 8 September 2008

Fishies go *pook pook*

I know, you learn something new everyday huh?

Anyways, weird day, got accosted by some complete twats on my way to work who seemed to think i would have the answer to the meaning of life, and the answer to "who's the better feminist?" PJ harvey or "that singer from 4 non blondes" as they put it.

Anyways, did a fishy fish fish today, 4 an a half hours on a newbie. Good going. I woulda cropped it if the internet connection on the ferry wasnt so piss poor, but it'll do!


And heres a pirate lass for an upcoming shin dig we are having in the weird and wonderful land of the stepford wives and their pilot hubbies, which for all of you who dont know, Discovery Bay. Theres a trailor on You tube, search for "desperate, stepford and babies a must"

pirate colour

not really, i dread to think what you would find though.
Anyways, its for a gig we r having at the pub which is pirate themed, so bring your booty (not that kind) well, i guess you cant not, but anyways, should be a good night. i will post the flyer when it's done being designed.

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lowlight said...

I can see that koi fish are your specialty.. Well maybe not, but you're really good at them! There is one on your gallery that has the coolest colouring I have seen on a Koi before... And I think that HKD $20 bill one hilarious! But well done :)