Friday, 5 September 2008

Video killed the radio star

So...... awesome week. Yesterday we were live on the radio being interviewed for RTHK, had to get up stoopid early (the ealiest i think in 3 years for me!) and just managed to get there before the news finished just in the nick o' time. Wasn't as nerve wracking as i was worried it would be. I'm not the most talkative person at the best of times, especially when i'm sober! But i think it went well. Here's the link:

So then straight to work for a full day of tattooing, I was workin til about midnight when i finished the last tattoo of the day, about 2 hours behind schedule! Awesome pieces I got to do yesterday. The last pic was an add on to an existing piece (he already had the chinese characters) but i reworked them too as they were pretty blown and faded.




Then today, i get to work only to get an e mail from a guy in the States, telling me he couldnt decide to go on holiday to Japan, or Hong Kong, but after reading an article about me in Inked magazine, he's decided to come here and get tattooed by me. How awesome is that?! I didnt even know we were even in the magazine! haha

And finally, here's a piece I just did about 10 mins ago... again, an add on (he already had the key)


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