Sunday, 21 September 2008

land lubber

So had a weird ( so many adjectives could replace this one!) day yesterday. I got invited to go on the Mad Dog M.C 5th anniversary cruise, and tattoo the 5th year anniversary tattoo on members. I could hardly turn down a free cruise, free drink n food n stuff right? Albeit, i didnt get to drink much, coz the boat ride was pretty bloody rocky, so no tattooing til we dropped the anchor somewhere in the middle of nowhere! Even then, it wasn't exactly easy tattooing on a boat, and i wouldnt put it in your "things to do" list anytime soon....

Anyway, it was an awesome day out, weather was beautiful, and what better way to spend a day than with a bunch of bikers and a bunch of hookers right?! haha, its funny, it actually wasn't as bad as i was expecting, the men to hooker ratio was a lot lower than boasted, and lucky for me, i managed to run upstairs and grab a beer and a bite to eat while the tits were out! all in all, a good day!

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