Monday, 17 November 2008

half sleeves and head tattoos

so.... did a nice half sleeve the past 2 days. we started it yesterday, and finished it today. the guy sat like a super trooper, it musta sucked big time today after a night of pain n stuff. its probably my favorite dragon to date, but this guy was a kickass customer, and pretty much left it all up to me, where as most of the dragons i've done in the past had to have "this and this, and look like this, but with a little less of this...." if ya know what i mean!

(if ya wanna see the pic not cropped, check out or check out the website, i'll have a bigger picture posted on there soon.


anyways, i had 2 more customers after the sleeve, and i started a nice geisha on a girls back, covering a gecko or something. didnt take a before photo, but i'm hoping i got one lying around one one of the hard drives.... anyways, its only lined at the moment.
then when everybody left, i tattooed ross' head. good times!


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