Saturday, 8 November 2008

Saipan tattoo festival photos

So I finally had time to upload the pics from saipan (thanks to a no show customer- love having my time wasted)
anyways, there are loads more pictures, but here's a few!

Me judging the competition for "best sleeve"

judging saipan tattoo fest

me working at the convention

saipan tat fest working

one of the tattoos i did at the convention.


one of the nights after working. we went to a korean bar where all the men were dressed as ladies!

lady's nite saipan style


Edong was kind enough to take the artists who were still around the day after the convention around the island....

Us at "suicide cliff"

saipan suicide cliff

us with suicide cliff behind us

saipan last day

the view in frontsaipan sea,

and no i wasnt drunk. it was windy!

saipan view

me getting fancy with the camera at one of the war memorials


church on beach road

saipan church

this is a derelict tank on the side of beach road.

saipan tank

this is down the road from our hotel

saipan shoes

Even leaving Saipan is stunning! This is a pic taken on the plane out the window.

saipan sunset

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