Saturday, 15 November 2008

Recent work.

Here's some work from today and yesteryear....yesterday sorry (i've always wanted an excuse to use that word).

jason skull

black n grey ohmmmmm

anyways, blog....bloggg..... been getting a bit lax with the blogging, so i'm pretty much rambling now to fulfill the blog requirements i have set myself somewhere in the depth of my little mind......
So i am moving house soon, havent packed a thing, well i tell a lie, i packed a box. Last minute packing is way more sensible anywyas, coz u aint got time to wonder and stroke your beard about what to keep and what not to keep..... u just chuck whatever u cant live without in a box and go on ur merry way.

Off to the fringe tomight to see sea monster, bone table and hungry ghosts for some post halloween hell raising. be there or be square.


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