Monday, 25 January 2010

Can't find my blog through the smog

ok ok ok, i know i know, haven't blogged in quite a while, but i have excuses, good excuses too. Michelle was in town all week, so i had to spend all my free time showing her round, shopping, drinking.....and drinking some more. (i will blog about this week once i got last few weeks outta the way). she also got a pretty sweet more on that later y'all.

anyways, i guess i better post something, so here's the zoo pics from the singapore zoo.......

(if this pic comes up larger, y'all gotta look at ross' face.....priceless!
me n my extended family...
this bat tried peeing on me n Rolf, an artist from hellfish in germany

 Malle from hellfish tattoo. 

my new tattoo that i've been meaning to blog is pretty much healed, so i'll be posting that any day now too. 

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