Saturday, 30 January 2010

heli helly hell

so not a good all. last week we aquired a puppy, and today she passed away. i'm not gonna go into much depth, we were planning on taking her back to the UK with Milo for anyone who's like "but i thought you were leaving....."

anyway, R.I.P Heli..... these are the few pics we got of her..... Michelle took a bunch so i might get more later on....

Today at work i did a piece on a girl's ribs... it was her 1st tattoo and let's just say i'm probably not her favorite person..... she took LOTS of breaks, but i wasn't in a hurry, and we got it all finished in the end.

10 points for her, and 10 pints for me....i went to go see Ross' band play the last Hidden Agenda gig for a loads of pics to post from that, but that'll have to wait.
until then, y'all can drool over my comfort food i made at 3:30am....cinnamon french toast with maple syrup. cant go wrong really.....

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Serene aka said...

So sorry to hear about Heli. If it helps, he'll be at Rainbow Bridge <3