Monday, 18 January 2010

heaven n hell

So all went pretty smoothly at work today, la dee da if ya know what i mean...... did this little piece at the end of the day, she got pretty dizzy about 10 mins in and she stuggled the whole way through, but she finished it.....and that's all that matters! 10 points missy!

i started off testing out a liner ross built for me from a machine that Andy, our February guest artist gave me as a tip..... but as she was struggling i just cut to the chase and switched to my regular machine.

(the right half is slightly distorted as it's on a shoulder blade....)
kinda sickly sweet, but still cute i think! she wanted it super cute, super bright..... and i think it is!....she wasn't really feeling black much, but i think i put enough in to make it last the test of time.

so after work, i went straight to ross' band practice where i was allocated the SUPER FUN AWESOME job of taking photos. hmmmm...... there was a really cute dog, and lots of weird lights i took photos of, but i still managed to get some of the band.....

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