Thursday, 2 December 2010

Ribbed... for her pleasure

So here's 1 of the 4 tattoos i did today.

Gotta say, even though i do A LOT of stuff like this, it never gets boring. It's just really nice to rock up, draw on some lines/circles, and just start tattooing.... and see where u go from there! I cant begin to explain how trusting these kinda customers are, and for that.... i am truly grateful. Don't get me wrong, i love prepped work too, it's just nice to have a break sometimes. Sleep sometimes.

She sat like a rock, always lovely. Tomorrow i got a full day trying to cover a pretty big piece. I'm hoping the guy is gonna be on the same page as me when he see's the size and scale of the design, coz it's the only way it's gonna work. Joy. Maybe progress photos tomorrow.... maybe....

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