Saturday, 19 February 2011

kids love (dr)ink

So, young Max came back for some more ink, this time we had much more suitable furniture, and i'd like to think the whole experience was much easier than last time, when we were both pretty much bent over backwards trying to reach places only gymnasts should at the brighton convention. that sounds wrong.... but it's 100% autobiographic. promise.

So here's what any Joy Division fan should get over their hearts......

he sat really well, considering it's all pretty much skin n bone round there.

In other news, last night i had a mosey on down to this...

I'm sure if i knew a bunch of people there and was just planning on drinking cheap beer, i woulda had a good time, but alas, that wasn't the case, and i just got frustrated with people standing with backs to the artwork, meaning all i really got to see was the conveniently placed bin in the centre of the room and a bunch of barely post pubescent mugs. I did push and shove enough people out to have a quick look around, but wasn't feeling patient enough with life in general to stay much longer.

I'm a big Fos fan, in fact he designed one of my favorite t shirts....

here's a cool little piece on him.

anyways, anyone in London lacking in stuff to do should definitely swing by and have a gander, it's on for a month... that's a long time to procrastinate, so no excuses people. the studio that's hosting the exhibition is beautiful, with the coolest entrance ever. *drool* I'd kill for a shop front like that. 

anyways, thats it, and if this post seems kinda disjointed, it's been spread throughout the course of a day and between 3 customers.... so i hope it reads.... well.

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