Saturday, 12 February 2011

what are friends for?

so quick post between customers, just a bit of chit chat really. first up is the news of a tattoo trade i am very much looking forward to. Myself and the delectable Mr Lord Montana will soon be exchanging pain, ink and time on one another. Here's a sneak preview of the piece i plan to do on him. Haven't seen what he's mustered up for me but no doubt it'll be rad.

second up is the gig i'm off to tonight. The awesome King Blues will be playing the Garage tonight. I'm pretty sure it's sold out, so if u aren't already in possession of a golden ticket, no trip around the factory for you i'm afraid. Luckily Jamie Jazz is an old buddy and managed to get me on the list. I may even remember to get a healed photo of the tattoo i did on him during my guest spot in London a few years back.

Now all i gotta do is make friends with a bar person, bank manager, hit man, and baker and my life will be set.

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