Wednesday, 23 February 2011


so i've had an awesome last few days, and not work related for a change (i normally only ever get excited bout tattoos.... but i'm trying to branch out)

so on Sunday, i met up with Pieman for a super fancy Sunday roast, and then onto comic shops for some serious expenditure. I'm glad i've found places in London that stock all my favorite art/graphic/general brain fart kinda stuff i just love to read about. I also picked up a copy of this *drum roll*.......

all u fellow awesome Star Trek fans can read all about it HERE!

So then onto an art shop that was having a HUGE sale. Up to 80% off some stuff, and i FINALLY managed to find perfectly square hardback sketchbooks (i've been looking for years) so the fact they were on sale made it that bit more satisfying.
Picked up some canvas too so hopefully that'll get me motivated enough to throw some paint at stuff.

So then Monday was the Defeater gig i've been looking forward to for a while. Boy were they tight, and by no means remotely disappointing.  I didn't take my camera, coz cool kids don't take photos (right Will?).

awesome thing is, the newest album has an acoustic EP which is awesome, coz i loved this track.... and always wanted more like it!

facebook readers, sorry, videos dont seem to appear on my blog so go here

And then came the day after Monday... Tuesday, or yesterday to some in the here and now.....

So i was gonna draw, n paint, n stuff, but i also fancied getting out the house coz Ross has been practicing his noise stuff and it's kinda annoying in a flat as small as mine. 

So off to Maidstone i trotted, to visit my sensei, the honourable Jay Parker. OK, not so honourable, but awesome none the less. Spent the whole day there (i say whole day but i forgot how wretched the commute to Maidstone from North London can be). 

Was nice to see him again...been a long time.

So i'm booked in to get my back-piece started FINALLY! Lemme explain.... i got 2 small pieces o' crap on my back, so knew it would be a cover up, and knew i wanted Jay to do it, but trouble with living in China and your preferred tattooer living in England is well.... just that. So i'm so glad i can start getting big scale work again, not just 1-shots. (i'm not even joking, i've left the backs of my thighs and my ass free just in case he needed the space. the amount of times a came so close to getting stuff tattooed there and had to stop myself.....)

Oh, and don't ask what i'm getting. I don't know yet. Won't know til i see it to be honest. Ooooh, exciting! (that's another thing i love bout getting tattooed by Jay.... we don't need consultations, reference, or any of that, coz he knows me well enough to make sure it's kick ass in my opinion, which generally in turn means it's retarded to most.)

So what other news have i got..... hmmmm... Oh, i almost forgot, i added a new page to my blog: "seizure's palace" where i'm posting stuff for sale, be it t shirts, prints, original artwork etc etc.... and i'll be posting any sketches i do that i really wanna tattoo and will therefore be offering those pieces at a very reasonable rate to satisfy my need to tattoo some stuff that most people wouldn't generally request. Phew, hope that all makes sense.

Oh, and if u r reading this on Facebook, it will make no sense, so go check out MY PROPER BLOG HERE!

and to satisfy all u people that only read my blog for pics of tattoos and generally do not care about my day to day doings..... here ya go....

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