Thursday, 29 September 2011

anchors away

so, finally finished off miss Sinead's feet the other day. it's been months, what with work, and gigs, and lack of time and all. glad they're finally done. obviously right foot (our right) is healed. will get a healed pic of both at some point.

also did a cute cobweb on her elbow, but didn't get a pic.... so that may have to wait a while. 

Also went to the London convention over the weekend. didn't take a single photo.... not like me. anyways, it was good. went to a Chris Conn seminar where i realised my hearing is way worse than i had recently thought. oh well. 

also bought a sweet Woody Guthrie print from Preston Chambers who i had not discovered til then. I'll be sure to check his stuff out from now on. heres a link to his WORK

So same night as the convention, i had to rush over to Camden to go see Tim Barry play. God, I've been a HUGE Avail fan for as long as i can remember so when i found out he was doing an acoustic set... i got a lil' excited. Tim Barry rocks my socks.

He had some great support too. here's a video of josh small, tim, and any .... cant remember his name and cant hear clear enough on the was an awesome gig. truly awesome. one of the best. ever.

also went to see the Pine Hill Haints the other night, no photos again. i'm getting non chalant with capturing my life.... which worries me a lil'..... 

oh, i also went to the Wellcome museum for the first time on Tuesday. it was pretty damn rad. Bought some AMAZING books there too! did you know, he with the most books when he dies wins? it's true. i think i'm up there with a good chance.

here's some cool stuff from the museum.... (my Dad too some way better photos coz his camera phone is far superior to mine, but his getting images to other people skills are far in superior it seems)

they had a crazy ass torture chair from china made out of blades. my dad got a good pic, i'll nag him and post it at a later date. 

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