Monday, 14 March 2011

Cinderella syndrome

So started a nice piece today... on a guy who'd planning on leaving the country in a week. See.... I'm under the impression we are starting a sleeve, he's already had the consultation, chosen reference for the pin up he planned on getting on his forearm etc etc..... So you can imagine my surprise and blatant confusion when (as i'm applying the stencil for his 1st session which is only 2 hours long due to his budget) he drops the fact he's moving to Amsterdam next week. Huh?! so not only am i not doing a full sleeve, but most likely not even gonna finish what i was then about to start.

So anyways, here's what we got done in 2 hours.... not all the black's in there, but he only wanted 2 hours work, so that's what he got! (i was kinda expecting him to turn into a pumpkin the minute the clock struck.... but no.)

I'm hoping i managed to convince him to at least let me finish this (Amsterdam aint so far).... but we'll see.

In other news, my blog seems to have an equally awesome effect as the Bat Signal. Yup, tortoise guy aka Chris musta felt this weird niggling feeling that something was amiss.

Who said blogging was a waste of time?!

In other news, i'm getting my backpiece started tomorrow.... then might relocate to another country?

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Beau Affreux said...

Hi Julia, made it to the shop today. I have to say your drawing exceeded my very high expectations, I love it, I can't stop smiling. Totally hyped for monday. Thank you.