Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sick fuck

Urgh. Been feeling really ill the past few days.... just a head cold/chest infection kinda thing but it seems to be going on forever...

So apologies for the lack of recent blogs, but to be honest, i haven't had much to post anyways, so no loss.

Each artist at the studio is meant to be designing a t shirt, the deadline was today, and i sketched mine out yesterday. Still needs proper finalising by someone who isn't as spastic as me when it comes to computers, seriously... i ended up doing all the key lines and stuff by hand, just coz i can't use photoshop. this is an exact scan, but with the black level turned up so y'all can't see my pen strokes... (except for the top, but that'll get filled!)

so anyways, here's what i got done...

looking forward to getting these made up.

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