Wednesday, 16 March 2011

there's more where that came from....

So, went to sunny ol' maidstone to get my back piece FINALLY started. God, about time i know, but being in Hong Kong kinda limited my ability to start large scale session work. Trust me, i have enough unfinished crap to know better....

So, here's what we got done yesterday... i gotta say, it sucked. the middle and top was no bother, but i have to be one of the most ticklish people ever, so super sensitive skin round the sides, and boy did i feel it!

after the 1st lines, i took a gander at the machine Jay was using. so here's how the conversation went:

Me: "Fucking hell you're liner has a lot of give"
Jay: "huh?"
Me: "The stroke.... on your liner...."
Jay: "Oh that's not a liner..."
Me: "Weren't you just using that on..."
Jay: "Yeah, that's old thumper"
Me: *gulp*

So anyways, i would have loved to have sat for all the bolding up on the head, but i had to tap out. Even half a bottle of wine and some painkillers weren't helping.

Next session is in a few weeks and we'll be covering that lovely tramp stamp, and going down onto at least one ass cheek. Can't say i'm looking forward to it..... but it needs to be done.

Once again, i didn't take my camera, but for all of you who are wanting to put a face to the proud owner of "Old Thumper".... here he is....

i'll be getting him back soon enough when he comes down for the back of his thigh and a night on the town. Double whammy..... we'll see if he can keep up.....

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