Thursday, 3 March 2011

Totally neat, totally sweet, totally knock me off my feet.

(weasel lyrics for those of you who are clearly not into good music)...

So! Total Tattoo just came out with a 5 page article on none other than me! super exciting.... i have to say i'm totally stoked! Sally assured me she'd send out a copy to the studio, but i never got one, so luckily Ely got her hands on one on her way in today. (sorry customer.... but i couldn't wait to read it. i wasn't ignoring you)

So i'm not gonna post the actual article til next months is out.... but here's the cover and the "content" page, with me wearing the best band t shirt ever, and holding the best dog ever, who even got credited!

So a HUGE thank-you to Sally, Al Overdrive, and the crew at Total for featuring me. woop woop.

In other news, and for all of you who actually did check back yesterday for my empty promise of a scan of the new sketch.... apologies. i got walk in's, then my booked customer came in, and before i knew it, the day was done. I took my sketchbook home last night and forgot to bring it to work.... so that'll have to wait til maybe tomorrow? 

So instead, y'all get to see what i did on one of my favorite barmen, and i always get retarded amounts of alcohol in return for tattooing them, so everyone's happy!

I remember when i got my "viva hate" that this was a pretty sucky spot to get inked, so he sat like a champ. Let's hope it's a 1 hit wonder and won't need seconds. X fingers crossed X

wow, this post looks deceivingly straight edge now.... eh?

So to lighten the mood, look at what Kirsty just brought back from the corner shop?!

til next time....

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