Saturday, 10 September 2011

alright already! stop yelling!

wow, i've had a lot of people complaining i'm not blogging enough. sorry. i'll try and get back into the swing of things.

broke my phone last week which didnt contribute well to the idiology of blogging, seeing as i pretty much take all my photos on it.

anyways, it's fixed. more so than my will to blog, but i'm working on it.

so 1st up, added some colour to the sketch i posted last....

still gotta add a background and reline everything, which is my least favourite part, but it needs to be done, especially when using prismacolours. 

so in other news, i did a tattoo trade with my buddy Tor. 
He tattooed a witch on my thigh last week, and i did this on him on wednesday....

he was only meant to be getting the shark, but he saw the "fuck" taped to the side of my cabinet at work and was all "ooh, thats cool" 
him "have u tattooed that on anyone?"
me:'nah, just drew it when i was in a foul mood'
him"do it on me!"

so it goes.....

in other tattoo related news, i finished a pretty epic coverup today of a mean ass scared tribal armband. 
i have no idea where the before photo is, but here's the finished product...

pretty pleased with that. yup.

in other news, i bought a kickass yam last night. 
i think u kinda had to be there, but it was hilarious.... it went like this...
kerry (holding yam) "what is this?! is this a massive ginger?!" (god, i already told her it wasn't ginger....)
shop dude: 'it's a yam'
me (stood on the other side of the shop) *exclaiming*:"YAAAAAAAAM!!!!!!"
shop dude (to kerry):'wow, she really likes yam!?'
then i bought a sharpie.
then i drew on the kickass yam and took him out about town with kerry. we took lots of photos of him, but kerry took most, and hasn't posted them, so all u get are the dregs from my camera after hers ran outta juice.

the yam was great company, as was kerry. yam attracted a lot of attention, we made friends because of the yam. even the police cheered the yam. the yam is the man. true story.

oh, and this guy was on the tube last night.... not the man.

if kerry uploads the yam's adventures, i'll be sure to blog the rest. he went to prison, went on holiday, went busking, met a homeless guy selling lighters.... got drunk, .... god, the yam had a good night.

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